Friday, April 10, 2009

Ecogeneration feature

Ecogeneration has been kind enough to feature my Indian Prince calendula in her Fabulous Fridays Finds! Please check it out here!

I apologize for the lack of updates. My health has been a rollercoaster ride, and I've been busy setting up shop on places other than etsy. Here's where I can currently be found:



I'm still tweaking them a bit and have to list some plants, but they're ready for business. :) I really hate to leave etsy, but they aren't giving me any choice. I would really like to go into detail about why I'm so angry, and just how they are screwing people over, but I'm not sure people want to hear it, and it would just make me more upset at the moment. So maybe tomorrow.

Spring is finally here... things are blooming in my yard! My lungwort has gorgeous flowers on it, there is bloodroot around the corner from my house, and of course daffodils are in full bloom. Things are coming up all over and I'm busily working on seedlings. I sold out of tuberose quickly this year.. so I have to let me stock build up again. However, my lilies are propagating nicely. :) I cannot wait to smell them in full bloom on a warm summer night.


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  1. Great to have you at Silkfair!
    Come share your blog in the forums, so we can link back!

    Have a great day!