Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Modish interview!

Renee Garner of Wolfie and the Sneak does a wonderful gardening column on Modish.com called "Petals and Pedals". A week or two ago I read her column and saw that she had featured several of the resellers I've been complaining about. I contacted modish and let her know, although I feared it would ruin any chance I had of having my photography featured on her site. :)
Renee contacted me and asked if I'd be willing to do an interview and I agreed. I told her what we have been fighting and about etsy's lack of response, or in the case of Maria, their complete lack of knowledge and consideration of our business, not to mention their incorrect assumptions. Renee posted the interview, and with the bits she had used from my mail, I feared I sounded quite bitchy. However, it was all true, and the response has been positive. :) In addition, my store has had more sales in the past week than it's had since all the resellers moved in, and I think I have it to thank. Please stop by and check it out!
Also, Ety's Organic Team now has it's own Twitter feed. Follow us here! And my twitter is Forgotten Beauty.
I'll write more soon. :)