Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Harvest

Hello people!
I apologize for my lack of updates. The whole etsy thing really has me discouraged. They are not doing anything about all of the resellers and big companies that have taken over the plants category and I certainly can't compete. My vintage shop is just about closed now and I've cut way down on my plants and photo shops. I'm trying to push my artfire shop, and have moved the rest of my vintage stuff there as well. I'm also on winkelf and silkfair, so I really hope they start picking up. Otherwise I will need to find other sources of income.
It's been very hot and humid here lately, but we've finally gotten some rain. I'm currently harvesting loads of cucumbers and they're delicious! I grew a variety called Spacemaster this year, that has shorter vines with regular sized cucumbers, and it's been quite prolific! I'm giving cukes out to friends and family. :)

I'm growing Marglobe, Rutgers, Roma, Black Krim and Brandywine tomatoes, and they are just starting to turn red. You may have read about tomato blight hitting the east coast early this year. It's a contagious disease and is in all the big stores such as Walmart, Home Depot, etc. My relatives bought plants from there and they've died. However, I grew mine from seed and haven't had any sign of blight so far (knock on wood!). My Black Krim and Rutgers are lagging behind the others because my baby bunnies ate them and I had to start over, but that's ok. :) After all, I am working on making my yard wildlife habitat, and I use no chemicals, so they are welcome. I loved seeing them out in the yard! Now they have learned to hide so I haven't seen them for a while. I'm hoping at least some of them made it. At any rate, I cannot wait for my first tomato sandwich of the year.
Of course, the onions and garlic are done and drying. I'm growing an heirloom pepper that grows 6" long peppers and have started harvesting those as well. They're gorgeous! I'm growing tomatillos this year, although I've never had them before, and they're doing well also.

Unfortunately, my watermelons were also victim of the bunny attack, but I have an heirloom musk melon called Jenny Lind I'm trying to grow. It has lots of flowers on it, but no fruit so far. I haven't grown this before so I'm not sure if that's normal or not. I have a variety of herbs I've been harvesting and I'll devote a post to that another time.
There are loads of birds nesting, and I was happy to see them using the nests I provided as well as making their own. :) I have a raccoon that has been raiding my trash, and have seen a few snakes. The trash-raiding raccoon is annoying, but still pretty cool. :) It's late so this is it for's one last photo of a pair of baby birds in one of my trees. :) I'll write more soon!