Thursday, February 26, 2009


I apologize for not updating lately. I am sick with multiple issues and will be having surgery (possibly more than one) soon. I'm hoping to get better soon so I can go exploring again! I have some new photo techniques I want to try out, and I'm getting ready for Spring. My organic seed shop is slowly picking up and I'm growing seedlings for sale in Spring. I'm planning new gardens and working with the gourds I grew last season and dried over the winter. :) I have seen some stunning gourd art... I'd love to learn how to do some of those eventually, but for now I'm making bird houses. :)

Some things I'd like this blog to cover eventually:
  • Gardening with disabilities
  • Individual plant properties and various uses
  • Botanical Medicine
  • Garden Themes
  • Methods of organic gardening, including pest control and fertilizing
  • How plants improve the environment and provide habitat for animals
  • How to properly harvest, dry and store herbals
That's a few things I can throw out there from the start. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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